Fully Automatic Water level Controller - Supply Water Line - (Model - LC-FAW-SW-WW- 3)

This model is designed for controlling the motor which draw water direct from municipal corporation water supply line.

Product Specification

Model number
Sensor Type
Magnetic Float/Inline Flow
Number of Sensors
Brand Color
Display Type
LED Indicator
Audible Alarm
Programmable Timer
Powder Coated
Installation Type
Wall mount
Power Requirement
200 - 230V, 50Hz
Power consumption
Remote control
Other feature
Corrosion Free
195 MM
265 MM
120 MM
1930 grams
1 Year
Front Panel: Six LED are fitted which indicate:-
  1. Power: It indicates power is connected to level control system.
  2. Motor ON: It indicates the Motor / Pump is running.
  3. Water Running: It indicates the Motor / Pump is on and water is filling up the tank.
  4. Low / Empty (Red LED): It indicates that the water level is low and when water reaches at this level Motor / Pump starts immediately. If AUTO / OFF / MANUAL is in AUTO mode, the Motor starts automatically. After water reaches above Low / Empty level, this LED will off. However, Motor pump is running to fill the tank.
  5. Half (Yellow LED): It indicates that water level reaches at half level and above it.
  6. Full (Green LED): It indicates that the water level reaches full level. When water level reaches this level, it glows only for a moment and then Off. And at this level Motor or pump is also OFF immediately.
  7. AUTO / OFF / MANUAL Switch: Normally this switch is in ON auto mode. Put this switch in OFF and Manual mode only when some defect happen due to any reason.
  8. Timer: A digital programming timer is there for programming 24x7 according to your need to operate the Motor / Pump. It can be programmed according to the timing of supply of water of your area and can be programmed accordingly for 2 - 3 minutes ON for maximum for 8 times in a day. When timer is set at a particular time, Motor / Pump is automatically ON for 2 to 3 minutes and during this time if water is running in the supply line then Motor starts filling the tank when water sensor senses water is running in the supply line. After 2 to 3 minutes the timer is off but system is ON until water reaches full level of the tank. But if water supply is interrupted after sometime then also the system is OFF the Motor / Pump. The system will ON again according to the time set in the timer and again same operation of filling water will occur. Similarly the system is working according to program time set in the timer, maximum 8 times in a day. It never running your Motor / Pump dry ON.
At Bottom:-

Two HT3 (30 Ampere) connecter are at the bottom of the system. Power connector is for connection input AC 220V-240V. Red for phase, Black for Neutral and Green for Earth. Similarly, another for Motor / Pump connection above.

At Top:-

A 6 nylon wire connector is at the top to connect sensor wires which are coming from different level sensor of the tank. Each sensor has two wire connected one of each sensor to other and connected it to common and other wire according to their level o The running water sensor senses the water is reaching the inlet pipe fitted in the tank and hold the system ON until the water reaches at this point. The two wire of this running water sensor is connected to the nylon wire connector.

If all the connections are properly connected and all sensor are placed properly and AUTO / OFF / MANUAL Switch is at Auto mode and AC current is on, the Motor / Pump automatically starts according to the time set in the timer. Pump / Motor automatically Off when water level reaches full level, then Full level LED glows only for a moment. However, Half Level LED glows continuously when the water level reaches at this level and above, it is in off position when water level reaches below this level.